Group visits (min. 10 - max. 20 people) are possible every day, starting time between 11 am and 5 pm. Group bookings are booked at 30-minute intervals, in the interest of an optimal visitor experience. The time slot concerns your start time - you can stay as long as you want, although the doors close at 6 pm.

If your group consists of more than 20 people, you must split the group and make two or more reservations. You can enter for 30 minutes from your starting time. You can plan the visit in such a way that the groups can start with a difference of only 10 minutes.

You are kindly requested to reserve your visit at least seven days in advance. Total cancellation of a visit is possible up to seven days before the date of the planned visit. The amounts that are already paid will be fully refunded. If groups with more or less than initially reserved, this will be settled at the entrance. Without a reservation, we cannot guarantee access on the date and time that you want.

You can reserve your date and time yourself via the "order your ticket" button. If you would like a tour, contact the guide association.